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Is Your Daily Routine Making Your Scale Edge Upwards?

Change Your Route To Save Some Calories Is your route around the supermarket always the same – and does it usually include the aisles that get you in trouble? For me it’s the home made cookie aisle, for some it’s the home for crunchy and salty chips and pretzels, for others, it’s the ice cream […]

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A Soda a Day = How Many Calories in a Year?

How many calories . . . how much sugar? In a recent post in his blog, Weighty Matters, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff asks an excellent question: “What happens if you drink a can of Coke daily for a year?” His startling answer:  “you’d end up slurping up 32,850 calories along with nearly 40 cups of sugar. […]

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Blizzards, Hurricanes and Menu Choices

The weather forecast is all doom and gloom:  a foot and a half of snow, or torrential rain with 60 miles an hour wind gusts. Rush to the supermarket and, it seems, along with everyone else who lives in your town or city, buy bread and milk and then lots of other stuff.  You need […]

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Chocolate Hearts . . .

During the week before Valentine’s Day, about 1.1 billion boxed chocolates, that’s about 58 million pounds of chocolate candy, will be sold in the United States. A pound of milk chocolate contains 2300 calories, 140 grams of fat, 270 grams of carbohydrates, and 31 grams of protein. Although a lot has been reported about the […]

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Love Those Candy Hearts . . .

“Be Mine,” “Kiss me,”  “Sweet Talk.” The brightly colored hearts with the familiar sayings have been a Valentine’s Day treat since 1902. Their manufacturer, NECCO, the New England Confectionery Company, in business since 1847, expects to sell more than 8 billion candy conversation hearts this year. The original candies with printed sayings were called “motto […]

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What Do You Eat During A Snowstorm?

Chocolate chip cookies. That’s what a friend said to me as we waited for our kids to get off of the school bus after early dismissal from school because of snow.  Walking down the street to our houses, the snow was blowing sideways and the kids were ecstatic to be flinging snowballs at each other.  […]

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Supergood and Superbad Superbowl Food

Superbowl:  football, commercials, halftime show, and food! It’s amazing how food has become associated with football — from tailgating to the food for the game — which of course culminates in the Superbowl party.  There are plenty of choices and anyone can eat well — and even have room for an indulgence — if you […]

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Drive Thru Diets: Say What?Drive Thru Diets: Say What?

So here’s the dilemma: you’re stuck in an airport or an Amtrak station – it’s late at night and you haven’t had any dinner.  You’re starving.  Look around.  What’s open to grab a bite of food?  You guessed it fast food, fast food, and more fast food. Or, you’re driving your kid and a bunch […]

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How Many Calories Are In That Glass Of Wine?

Love your wine with dinner – or maybe that champagne at your friend’s wedding?  What about that wonderful, sweet, thick dessert wine to polish off a fantastic meal? You may have your preference – most of us do – but whether it’s red, white, dry, sweet, or sparkling, it is really easy to overlook the […]

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Brunch Buffet

Face the brunch buffet and keep the calories under control! Okay.  So it’s a brunch buffet the day after your friend’s wedding.  Do you really want to go?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  But you have to, she’s a really good friend. Or, maybe you’re on vacation and staring down the sumptuous brunch buffet in the […]

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