Everything You Want To Know About Popsicles

The Popsicle And Serendipity

By accident, on a cold night in San Francisco in 1905, an 11 year old left a powdered soda drink on the porch with a stirring stick still in it. The next morning there was this amazing frozen sweet stuff on a stick.  Years later, Frank W. Epperson, the lucky kid, applied for a patent for his discovery.  He initially called the treats Epsicles but his children called them Pop’s ’sicles.

Popsicle Trivia

  • The #1  Popsicle ice pop flavor is cherry.
  • Twin popsicles were made during the Depression so two kids could each have one for a nickel.
  • Popsicles were chosen as a symbol of American life by the Eighth Air Force Unit during world War II.
  • The Popsicle was patented in 1923 and two billion of them are sold each year.
  • Although there are many varieties, single popsicles like those found in the box in the photo have 45 calories, 11g carbs (8g sugars), no sodium, no fat, and no protein.

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