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Did You Eat Too Much? Blame Your Buddies At The Table

How many people do you usually sit with when you’re eating? Not all the people surrounding you in a cafeteria or restaurant, but the number of friends or family at your table? Amazingly, the number of people you eat with can make a big difference in how much you end up eating. If you have […]

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9 Easy Ways To Eat Less

As the holiday season goes into full swing, here’s some helpful tips: Fill your plate once, whether it’s from a buffet or just from the stove top.  That’s it.  No seconds – and double-decking isn’t such a great idea, either. Use the smallest plates, bowls, and glasses you can to help you feel full even […]

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Table For 8? You Might Eat 96% More!

No kidding.  You tend to eat for a longer amount of time — and eat more — when you’re with people you like compared to when you eat alone.  It could be because you mindlessly nibble while someone else talks, you’re using the good manners you were taught in fifth grade about not letting someone […]

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