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Is There A Way To Know When I Should Eat?

When should I eat?  That’s the age-old question that many of us ask ourselves most days of the week! What would you say:  “when I’m hungry” or maybe “when I want to”? It’s not always an easy question to answer even though it seems like it should be intuitive.  It can be, if you learn […]

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What Do You Eat On A Road Trip?

Have you noticed that a lot of renovated gas stations now have mini-marts or convenience stores with clean(er) bathrooms and coffee that comes regular or decaf but also dark velvet, hazelnut, and vanilla? Are Gas Stations The New Convenience Stores? Convenience stores sell about 80& of the gasoline purchased in the United States each year. […]

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How Big Are Your Dinner Plates — And Why It Matters

Have you eaten in some restaurants where the plates are so big that the server can’t find room to comfortably fit everything on the table? Maybe your plates are so big that you have trouble getting them into the dishwasher. Does it make a difference other than for convenience?  You bet it does. The Size […]

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Should I Eat This?

What do I want to eat?  What should I eat? Two questions we all ask ourselves.  Including me.  A lot. Standing in front of the fridge with the door open.  Staring at the shelves in the pantry or in front of the deli case – or when staring at a menu.  With no clear idea, […]

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