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Do Holidays And Overeating Go Hand In Hand?

What’s your favorite holiday food?  How much of it do you eat? A lot of us actually plan to overeat during the holidays – although we may not admit it:  think about it — do you know that you’re going to overeat?  Do you think it wouldn’t be normal or celebratory if you didn’t overindulge […]

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Resolutions And Goals: Perfection Just Might Be The Enemy Of Good

It’s a week into the New Year.  Your pants are uncomfortably tight and the number on the scale is in the wrong zip code. Trying to right the ship did you resolve – swear — to never again eat another chocolate chip cookie?  Or maybe you’ve taken an oath to lay off potato chips forever […]

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Can You Deal With One Fantastic Holiday Treat A Day?

Peppermint candy and holiday chocolates at the receptionist’s desk.  Candy canes at the dry cleaners.  A rotating selection of Christmas cookies on just about everyone’s desk.  Happy holiday food gifts from grateful clients. Your neighbor’s specialty pie. And that doesn’t include the fantastic spreads at holiday parties and family events! It’s All So Tempting It‘s incredibly […]

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Do You Eat Something You Don’t Want Just To Be Polite?

Do you think you need to eat to be polite – even if you don’t want the food or you’re totally stuffed – because you don’t want to be rude or hurt someone’s feelings? You really don’t have to feel obliged to eat out of courtesy – especially if you don’t want the food or […]

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Take A Cue From Athletes: Rehearse Your Party Eating Behavior

What happens when you’re invited to a “command performance”  party or event with a long cocktail hour followed by a fancy multi-course sit down meal?  Or maybe you’re going to a gourmet holiday lunch at a friend’s house where there will be lots of hot mulled wine, her special entree, and fantastic cookies accompanying mousse […]

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Nine Food Tips For Excellent Holiday Eating Without The Pudge

What’s your plan? That sounds clinical — but it doesn’t have to be. It could be your saving grace.  Think about how you want to handle yourself in the face of food, family, eggnog, and pecan pie.  Nothing is engraved in stone but if you have an idea about what you want to do and […]

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Free Food Is Hard To Resist (And A Caloric Nightmare)

Morning meeting.  Right in front of you: platter loaded with bagels, danish, and doughnuts parked next to giant coffee urns.  A freebie breakfast and the beginning of a blood sugar roller coaster ride. No worries if you miss the morning carb fest – if all the platters aren’t picked clean the remnants will surely end […]

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Do Restaurant Meals Sabotage Your Diet?

Are you afraid to eat out for fear of “blowing your diet” or because you think there aren’t good choices to be had? Are you tired of hearing that you shouldn’t go to restaurants if you want to control what you eat? Choices You can choose to eat out and eat well. You are responsible […]

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Food As Love, Joy, And Energy

The other night I went to a talk and book signing by Lisa Oz (married to Dr. Oz), for her new book, US:  Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships That Matter Most.  During the course of the evening there was a lot of discussion about the healing power of energy. As a nurse I began to […]

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Prep For Your Big Event And Snag An A . . .

A  for Awesome, because that’s how you’ll feel. Don’t you hate it: you’ve been so much attention to what you eat and your healthy eating habits are really getting grooved.  You’re starting to feel and look great, but, oh boy, you have to go to something big.  It could be a wedding, a dinner party, […]

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