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Stadium Food: Good, Better, and Best Choices

It’s football season. How can you possibly not chow down on thousands of calories when there are food vendors or tailgating friends about every 20 feet hawking dogs, barbecue, burgers, and fried everything? There Are Ways And Then There Are Ways If you’ve got a will of iron you could ignore the food and drinks. But […]

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Do Your Road Trips Mean Dashboard Dining?

How many ketchup drips, chocolate smears, coffee stains, and greasy crumbs do you have in your car (or on your clothes)? Is your road trip an endless food-fest of fast food, junk food, and all kinds of snacks — with your dashboard or vacant passenger seat acting as your table? If you’re nodding your head, […]

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What Are Good Road Trip Snacks?

Eating While You Drive Can Be Tricky Have you ever tried to eat a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and pickles? It’s hard enough to do when you can eat over a plate on a stable table – trying to eat it in a car means ending up holding two pieces of bread with a […]

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Stopping For Some Fast Food? Here Are Some Calorie Saving Tips

Are you too busy to cook and figure, “What the heck, I’ll just grab something quick?”  What’s quick: mostly diner food, pizza, donuts, and just about any kind of fast food: basically, cheap calories and a whole lot of fat and carbs?  Slick marketing, convenience, and cheap calories really push you to order the “value […]

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What’s In Your Big Mac Or Fast Food Burger Besides Beef?

Have you had a Big Mac in different parts of the country or even in different parts of the world?  It tastes pretty much the same – which, in some ways, is rather comforting when you might be far from home. Fast food is cheap, quick, reproducible in any outlet, often tasty, and consistent. To […]

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Want To Eat Fast? Choose Restaurants With Red and Gold Décor And Loud Music

What are the main colors used in McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and most fast food restaurants – diners, included? Answer:  Red and gold. Restaurant Décor Is Planned For A Reason You Might Not Guess Restaurant decor isn’t an accident, especially in chain restaurants keyed into behavioral and eating psychology.  Restaurants are designed with the intention […]

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Seven Ways To Cut Down On Pizza Calories

“Let’s order pizza.”  Have you heard those words recently?  Have you had “a slice” recently?  Take comfort that you fit the stats: American men, women, and children eat, on average 46 slices of pizza a year. 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly In the US, 61% prefer regular thin crust, 14% prefer deep-dish, and 11% […]

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Fast Food Calorie Savers

Would you like to save a few calories when you eat at fast food (or fast casual) restaurants? Here are some easy small changes you can make that don’t drastically change your meal (and they don’t include skipping dessert or having a cup of broth instead of a burger). Here are some suggestions: Pay very […]

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What’s A Food Desert – And What Happens There?

It’s not stretch of hot white sand.  It’s also not where you can come upon an oasis, shimmering in the heat, and find platters laden with fresh fruit like in old-time movies. Here’s what it is:   the CDC defines a food desert as an area “that lack(s) access to affordable fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat […]

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Road Trip? Why Not Roadmap Your Miles And Your Meals?

Planning a road trip?  You know that you’re going to have to stop for a snack or a meal along the way.  Do you leave your food choices to chance? I drive a lot.  I have three long road trips coming up in the next month. I know that I’m going to stop for a […]

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