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The Key Thing To Do To Develop A New Habit

It’s the second week of the New Year.  Maybe you’ve decided to work on some new habits – Lose weight (how are you going to do that?), cook at home more (when are you going to do that?), eat less bread, butter, ice cream, candy, you name it (how much less?). Specificity and baby steps […]

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A 13 Step Plan To Create Healthy New Habits

Are you tired of refusing to go out to eat because you’re on the new popular diet?  Are you avoiding eating with your family because you don’t want to have the same tempting food? What about forming some healthy new habits that will help you steer clear of wacky diets and deprivation?  Healthy new habits […]

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Slow Down You Eat Way Too Fast

Do you wolf your food down so quickly that it’s gone before you realize you’ve eaten it all – and then you’re still hungry and staring at an empty plate? Mothers around the world often say the same thing: slow down and chew your food.  Well, what do you know, there’s something to it. According […]

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Practice Makes Perfect (Or At Least Good)– Especially With Habits

What gets you to Carnegie Hall?  Practice.  What makes your new healthy behaviors stick?  Practice. If you’ve resolved to form new healthy habits, ones you want to keep and that fit in with your lifestyle, you need to keep repeating those new behaviors over and over again.  It’s like learning a language or a new […]

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Prep For Your Big Event And Snag An A . . .

A  for Awesome, because that’s how you’ll feel. Don’t you hate it: you’ve been so much attention to what you eat and your healthy eating habits are really getting grooved.  You’re starting to feel and look great, but, oh boy, you have to go to something big.  It could be a wedding, a dinner party, […]

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Are You Waiting For The Perfect Time To Start Your Diet?

Do the stars, moon, sun, and all the planets need to be in alignment for you to start your diet? Diet, not a word I usually use, implies deprivation and a way of life that is not easy, comforting, and fun.  So no wonder there are tons of excuses and reasons not to start.   […]

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Too Few Veggies — You’re Not Alone!

Despite a couple of years of public health initiatives, an explosion in farmers markets, bagged salads, and a White House garden, Americans still don’t eat enough vegetables. Only 23% of meals include a vegetable (fries don’t count but lettuce on a burger does) and only 17% of dinners prepared at home include a salad (down […]

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Do you remember being told to line up in size places in elementary school?  How about getting a star for hanging stuff up in your cubby – or winning a candy bar for hitting the most tennis balls over the net? We’re a goal-oriented society.  From very early on we learn to work toward a […]

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Moms: Here’s Another Responsibility To Shoulder

I’m a Mom, too, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel as though I carry both the blame and responsibility for just about everything. Mom’s Role in Preventing Obesity Well, here’s one more thing.  A recent online survey of 1,037 women, 18 and older, by HealthyWomen, an independent online health information source […]

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Why Do You Eat — Even When You’re Not Hungry?

Have you ever looked down to see crumbs all over your lap with a telltale wrapper clutched in your hand, and asked yourself, “Why did I eat that?”  Or, maybe after your second helping of spaghetti followed by ice cream, followed by a horrendously full stomach you’ve thought, “I’m such an idiot, why did I […]

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