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What’s Sweet, Shaped Like An Egg, And Doesn’t Come From A Chicken?

Easter Eggs:  The Confectionary Type They’re everywhere and at every price point.  Some are piped with flowers and others are wrapped in foil.  You find them in supermarkets, discount stores, and fancy candy stores. Easter is the second ranked holiday for candy purchases in the US (just behind Halloween) and solid, hollow, and filled chocolate […]

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What Goes Around Comes Around!

  I love dogs and I love my hometown, New York City. Who says all city residents are Type A and harried?  Maybe we could learn a thing or two from our four legged friends who appear to be well fed, content,  and happy. Pets can help to keep you healthy and certainly can be […]

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Oh, What One Meal Can Do To Your Arteries!

This Might Make You Think Twice Wow!  A meal that is high in saturated fat can affect your arteries within hours! An article on “Xtreme Eating” in The Nutrition Action Newsletter alarmingly gave stats on some of the highest-calorie restaurant dishes in the US, meals they called “nutritional trainwrecks.” Picking up on that, ABC News […]

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