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Nibbles and Noshes, Cocktails and Cookies: 15 Tips To Keep You and Your Scale Happy

  Putting the “big” meal aside, most extra holiday calories don’t come from the “day of” holiday meal but from unrelenting nibbling over the long holiday season. Here are 15 workable tips to help you handle holiday food. Choose and use what will work best for you and your lifestyle. 1.  You’re the one in charge […]

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Is Your Holiday Eating Starting To Show?

Is your holiday mindset: lots of food = good time; not so much food = bad time? Can you exude holiday spirit without accompanying gluttony? You bet you can, but it isn’t always easy. Celebrations are often intertwined with the need or obligation to cook and/or eat — not just because you’re hungry, but for […]

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15 Holiday Eating Tips That Are Easy On The Waistline

The holidays are right around the corner. You can’t go into a supermarket or box store without holiday food and fixings just begging to be tossed into your cart. Holidays create a “perfect storm” for eating way too much. They combine some of the worst cues and triggers for overeating: family drama, too much food […]

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Holiday Eating Worries? If You’re Going To Indulge, Make It Special

    Is holiday food everywhere?  Are you tempted to eat everything? Here are a couple of helpful hints: Say “no thank you” to the rolls, the mashed potatoes, and the ice cream.  You can have them any time of the year. Spend your extra calories on something special that’s specific to the holidays.  Also […]

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A Holiday Gift

Just in time for the crunch of the holiday season — My new book — 30 Ways to Eat Your Holiday Favorites and Still Get Into Your Jeans — is available as a free download for your kindle or kindle reader this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (12/7 – 12/9). The book is filled with useful […]

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Your Holiday Eating Cheat Sheet

Are you feeling some holiday pressure? Are you, along with lots of family and friends, jumping into entertaining and cooking mode? Is food a good antidote to all of that stress (at least in the moment)?  What about the pressure – subtle and sometimes not so subtle – to eat everything that’s set out on […]

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Do Holidays And Overeating Go Hand In Hand?

What’s your favorite holiday food?  How much of it do you eat? A lot of us actually plan to overeat during the holidays – although we may not admit it:  think about it — do you know that you’re going to overeat?  Do you think it wouldn’t be normal or celebratory if you didn’t overindulge […]

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Are You Ready For Holiday Eating?

Holiday cookies, latkes, pumpkin pie, cornbread stuffing, eggnog, and a relative’s specialty of the season … food, food, food! ‘Tis the season to eat and there are “food landmines” everywhere you turn. We all have to eat but it can be a very slippery slope to eat well surrounded by food; family; friends; an encyclopedia […]

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Leftovers Will Defeat The Best Laid Diet Plans

You open the fridge door right after the holiday party and what do you see?  Leftover pie, cake, stuffing, turkey, ham, potatoes, lasagna, pizza – you name it. With all of that tempting stuff staring at you, how can you possibly not nibble away? The best laid plans have been defeated by left over stuffing […]

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How To Slim Down Your Holiday Baking

Bake With Less Sugar And Butter (You Can Really Get Away With It) Does holiday season mean, among other things, baking lots of cookies:  spritz, rolled, ginger bread men, meringues, pies, biscuits, breads, and whatever other recipe sounds good?  Maybe not fruit cake. The total number of butter and sugar calories in all of these […]

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