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Nibbles and Noshes, Cocktails and Cookies: 15 Tips To Keep You and Your Scale Happy

  Putting the “big” meal aside, most extra holiday calories don’t come from the “day of” holiday meal but from unrelenting nibbling over the long holiday season. Here are 15 workable tips to help you handle holiday food. Choose and use what will work best for you and your lifestyle. 1.  You’re the one in charge […]

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15 Holiday Eating Tips That Are Easy On The Waistline

The holidays are right around the corner. You can’t go into a supermarket or box store without holiday food and fixings just begging to be tossed into your cart. Holidays create a “perfect storm” for eating way too much. They combine some of the worst cues and triggers for overeating: family drama, too much food […]

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What’s On Your Holiday Plate? 9 Easy Calorie Saving Tips

1.  Leave some space for the holiday specials, but, in general, aim to practice portion control with the higher calorie foods and pile your plate high with the lower calorie vegetables. When you take in more calories than your body needs and uses, you’ll gain weight. 2.  Your body can handle a certain amount of […]

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Holiday Eating Worries? If You’re Going To Indulge, Make It Special

    Is holiday food everywhere?  Are you tempted to eat everything? Here are a couple of helpful hints: Say “no thank you” to the rolls, the mashed potatoes, and the ice cream.  You can have them any time of the year. Spend your extra calories on something special that’s specific to the holidays.  Also […]

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Do Holidays And Overeating Go Hand In Hand?

What’s your favorite holiday food?  How much of it do you eat? A lot of us actually plan to overeat during the holidays – although we may not admit it:  think about it — do you know that you’re going to overeat?  Do you think it wouldn’t be normal or celebratory if you didn’t overindulge […]

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Are You Ready For Holiday Eating?

Holiday cookies, latkes, pumpkin pie, cornbread stuffing, eggnog, and a relative’s specialty of the season … food, food, food! ‘Tis the season to eat and there are “food landmines” everywhere you turn. We all have to eat but it can be a very slippery slope to eat well surrounded by food; family; friends; an encyclopedia […]

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Can You Deal With One Fantastic Holiday Treat A Day?

Peppermint candy and holiday chocolates at the receptionist’s desk.  Candy canes at the dry cleaners.  A rotating selection of Christmas cookies on just about everyone’s desk.  Happy holiday food gifts from grateful clients. Your neighbor’s specialty pie. And that doesn’t include the fantastic spreads at holiday parties and family events! It’s All So Tempting It‘s incredibly […]

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The Sensible Holiday Eating Guide: How To Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Without Gaining Weight

#1 In Two Categories My book, The Sensible Holiday Eating Guide:  How To Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Without Gaining Weight is #1 in two categories on Amazon, thanks to my wonderful readers. Get your copy — it’s free through Sunday, 11/11. This is the Amazon listing: Best Sellers in Diets Top 100 Free 1. The […]

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Are You Gearing Up For A Holiday Food Fest?

Gotta have the jelly beans, the green bean casserole, the lamb and the ham, the brisket, two servings of matzoh ball soup, carrot cake for dessert, the entire chocolate bunny (ears first), three cadbury eggs, and whatever else your particular holiday, culture, and family traditions dictate. Really??? Ask yourself why.  Is your groaning table and […]

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Celebrating The New Year In Good Eating Style

The earliest recorded celebration of the arrival of the new year dates back 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon.  The first new moon following the vernal equinox, or the day in the spring with an equal amount of sunlight and darkness, signaled the start of a new year. Today, New Year’s Day–the first day of […]

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