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Free Food Is Hard To Resist (And A Caloric Nightmare)

Morning meeting.  Right in front of you: platter loaded with bagels, danish, and doughnuts parked next to giant coffee urns.  A freebie breakfast and the beginning of a blood sugar roller coaster ride. No worries if you miss the morning carb fest – if all the platters aren’t picked clean the remnants will surely end […]

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Road Trip? Why Not Roadmap Your Miles And Your Meals?

Planning a road trip?  You know that you’re going to have to stop for a snack or a meal along the way.  Do you leave your food choices to chance? I drive a lot.  I have three long road trips coming up in the next month. I know that I’m going to stop for a […]

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Burgers (Yes) Or Hotdogs (No) on Your Grill?

Burgers – Is That A Yes? Sort of.  A study just published in the journal Circulation analyzed the effects of eating red unprocessed meat  (100g a day of unprocessed beef, pork, or lamb) compared to processed meat products (50g of meat preserved by smoking, curing, salting, or with added chemical preservatives such as sausages, bacon, […]

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A Slice Of Cheese . . . Or Is It?

It’s Orange-Yellow (Sometimes White) And It’s Square It’s the stuff that grilled cheese – the diner kind and my childhood favorite – is made of.  It’s also the stuff the makes a hamburger a cheeseburger.  It melts but sort of stays in place without running all over the pan or the grill.  You can get […]

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