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How Big Are Your Snacks? Are They As Big As Lunch or Dinner?

Do you get so hungry mid-morning or mid-afternoon that you grab whatever you can from a cart, vending machine, the snack room or fridge — and chow down? if you do, you’re not alone. According to research, snacking, including drinking beverages at times other than during a regular meal,accounts for more than 25% of Americans’ […]

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It’s Summertime: Are You Raiding The Cabinets And Fridge More Than Usual?

It’s summertime.  School’s out.  You’re on vacation.  Maybe you have a beach or lake  house or maybe you’re just home – but so are the kids – all day long. Vacation and kids:  most likely you’ve let down your eating guard. There’s food in the house that might not usually be there. It’s singing a […]

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Are Your Snacks The Equivalent Of Another Meal?

We chow down on a lot of snack food — a quarter of our calories come from them! Snacks account for more than 25% of Americans’ daily calorie intake; since the 1970s, snacks have accounted for around 580 calories a day — which basically turns them into “a full eating event,” or a fourth meal. […]

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Are You A Smart Snacker When You’re Out Shopping?

There are food courts and coffee shops around every bend and on every corner – and all of them seem to sell peppermint and gingerbread goodies that scream, “Holiday.”  That can really test your willpower. A hot skim latte is a great snack – soothing, calorie controlled, with a nice amount of protein.  A nice […]

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It’s The Holiday Nibbling That Will Get You!

Most of those waistline hugging, thigh bulging holiday calories don’t come from the “day of” huge holiday meals but from unrelenting nibbling over the holiday season. It’s way too easy to add on an extra 500 calories a day over and above your average daily calorie needs.  An additional 500 calories a day translates into packing […]

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Snacks: Are They Your Fourth Meal?

Why can a day’s worth of snacks be considered a fourth meal?  Because, according to research, snacking accounts for more than 25% of Americans’ calorie intake everyday. How Many Calories Do We Snack On A Day? Between 1977 and 2006 Americans averaged about 580 calories each day for their snacks — which basically turned those […]

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Is A Gingerbread Latte Or A Steaming Hot Chocolate Calling Your Name?

You’ve spent the day shopping – or working – or taking care of the kids – or any combination of the above – and by mid- afternoon you really want a nice, hot satisfying treat.  It’s pretty tough to resist some of the irresistibly named hot and flavorful drinks that Starbuck’s and Dunkin’ Donuts have […]

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