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10 Ways To Save Calories

Ten Easy Ways To Save Some Calories

If you’re full, stop eating and clear your plate right away.  If the food hangs around in front of you, you’ll keep picking at it until there’s nothing left. An exception – a study has found that looking at the “carnage” – the leftover bones from barbecued ribs or even the number of empty beer […]

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Are Your Snacks The Equivalent Of Another Meal?

We chow down on a lot of snack food — a quarter of our calories come from them! Snacks account for more than 25% of Americans’ daily calorie intake; since the 1970s, snacks have accounted for around 580 calories a day — which basically turns them into “a full eating event,” or a fourth meal. […]

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Does Impulsive Mean Overweight And Neurotic Mean Yo-Yo?

Are You Impulsive — Or Neurotic? If you’re impulsive it seems that you are more likely to be overweight. If you’re highly neurotic and less conscientious, it’s more likely that you’ll see your weight go up and down. At least that’s what was found in a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social […]

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How Obesity Threatens Our Future

Since 2006, Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have released an annual report on obesity.  This year’s report, F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2011 (available as a PDF download), unveils some downright alarming statistics. Some Major Findings: Adult Obesity Rates and Trends (2008-2010)  Adult obesity rates rose […]

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Why Are Americans Getting Fat???

The reasons why Americans are getting fat at an alarming rate might surprise you… An infographic courtesy of Healthy Meal Experts.   Learn more about Healthy Meals

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Can You Train And Tame Your Hunger?

Physical – or real – hunger, the kind you feel when your stomach is growling, you’re irritable as all get-out, you’ve got zilch energy, and probably a throbbing headache, means you body needs food for fuel. Info You Can Use About Hunger Hunger is somewhat unpredictable.  Your actual hunger levels are not the same every […]

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Have You Noticed That Some Well-Known Chefs Are Shrinking?

In girth that is.  The chef’s weight loss is frequently motivated by a health scare – although sometimes just by vanity or wanting to be more mobile and agile in the kitchen — many star chefs have devised their own plans for losing weight. Fortunately, for them, they have knowledge and their skill in the […]

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A Healthy Eating Lesson On The Subway

New York city, uptown #2 train, Saturday night.  Not too crowded, most people are wearing their subway stares – avoiding eye contact, eyes glazed over, ipod earbuds in place, bodies rocking with the motion of the train.  My trip isn’t long enough to pull out something to read, so I start to scan the ads […]

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Are You Waiting For The Perfect Time To Start Your Diet?

Do the stars, moon, sun, and all the planets need to be in alignment for you to start your diet? Diet, not a word I usually use, implies deprivation and a way of life that is not easy, comforting, and fun.  So no wonder there are tons of excuses and reasons not to start.   […]

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What Not to Ask: How Much Weight Have You Lost?

In the past few weeks I have heard two well-respected interviewers ask some well-known people questions like “How much weight have you lost?” or, “What do you weigh?” The interviewers, Barbara Walters and Ann Curry, are excellent at their craft; highly intelligent; two people I admire; and thin, thin, thin. Neither of them looks like […]

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