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Is There A Way To Know When I Should Eat?

When should I eat?  That’s the age-old question that many of us ask ourselves most days of the week! What would you say:  “when I’m hungry” or maybe “when I want to”? It’s not always an easy question to answer even though it seems like it should be intuitive.  It can be, if you learn […]

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Are You Really Hungry Or Is It All In Your Head?

Argument.  Stress. Overwhelm. Fatigue. Cookies in the shopping cart.  Candy bar from the gas station.  Chips from the vending machine.  Raiding the refrigerator for leftovers followed by ice cream. Sound familiar? You could be stuffed to the gills but all you can think about is getting that cookie, candy bar, chips, or leftovers and chowing […]

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Superbowl: Eating Or Watching Or Both?

Seriously.  Hand to mouth munching on chips, dips, and wings.  A swig or two or three.  A cookie here and there.  And then there’s the “real food” at halftime – or maybe there was pizza first followed by a selection of subs. By the end of the game do you have a clue about how […]

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A Dozen Reasons We Eat When We’re Not Hungry

Eating when you’re not hungry, or when you’re bored, angry, tired, procrastinating, or celebrating can push your calorie intake way up.  The biggest problem is that we often don’t realize that we’re shoving food into our mouths – either because we’re distracted, we don’t want to know, or we just plain old don’t care. Here […]

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When Should I Eat?

Hunger is a basic survival mechanism.  It’s what signals our brains that our bodies need nourishment and energy — and it drives us to eat for fuel.  We’re born with this ability – think about babies and how they cry when they need food – and how they stop eating when they’re full. Those of […]

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Can You Train And Tame Your Hunger?

Physical – or real – hunger, the kind you feel when your stomach is growling, you’re irritable as all get-out, you’ve got zilch energy, and probably a throbbing headache, means you body needs food for fuel. Info You Can Use About Hunger Hunger is somewhat unpredictable.  Your actual hunger levels are not the same every […]

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Head Hunger

Have you ever followed an argument with a friend – or maybe with your Mom – with a trip to the bakery or the closest candy store? You could already be stuffed to the gills. But, all you can think about is getting that cookie, or candy bar, or bag of pretzels and chowing down […]

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What Do Crossing The Street And Eating Have in Common?

Look Both Ways Don’t you look both ways before you cross the street — or shouldn’t you?  That’s called being mindful of your surroundings and potential problems – like a car or bike speeding toward you. Check In With Yourself The same thing is true with eating:  check in with yourself and ask if you’re […]

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Do You Eat Because You Are Hungry?

Are You Really Hungry? It’s summertime and the living is easy.  Picnics, barbecues, a sandwich at the beach are often the order of the day. And what about the ice cream cone, the beer with the burger, the peach pie, and the toasted almond from the Good Humor truck?  Vacation often means sun, sand, and […]

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Why Do You Still Eat More . . . Even When You’re Stuffed?

You’ve been eating all day.  Eating everything – a bagel for breakfast, a chesse Danish for a midmorning snack, lunch with some friends.  This is followed by  a latte in the afternoon – and why not a cute cupcake to go with – or perhaps it’s a workday and you amble down to the hall […]

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