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Jack-o’-Lanterns, Pumpkins, Trick-or-Treating, and Candy – Why Do They Go Together?

A Spooky Jack-o’-Lantern Tale Have you ever wondered where the Jack-O’-Lantern comes from? According to an Irish legend that goes back hundreds of years, a miserable old drunk named Stingy Jack — who liked to play tricks on his family, friends, and even the Devil — tricked the Devil into climbing up an apple tree.  […]

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The Original Jack O’Lantern Wasn’t A Pumpkin

And It Comes With A Great Story Have you carved and cut your pumpkin and created your own original jack O’Lantern?  Some carved pumpkins, as you can see in these photos taken at Chelsea Market in New York City, are works of art. Abingdon Square Park in Greenwich Village hosts a Halloween Jack O’Lantern contest […]

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