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Vending Machines: What’s Your Favorite Number/Letter Combination?

Sooner or later you will likely have your next sharing moment with a vending machine: You share your money and the machine shares its calories. Vending machines actually have a holy history. Around 215 BC the mathematician Hero invented a type of vending device that accepted bronze coins to dispense holy water. Vending eventually became […]

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15 Pretty Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

Want to burn some extra calories?  Try fitting in a couple of these activities in every day. A 150 pound person would burn around 100 calories by: Casually biking for 23 minutes Using the elliptical for 8 minutes Walking stairs for 11 minutes Doing yoga for 20 minutes Doing zumba for 11 minutes Doing pilates […]

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Are Your Snacks The Equivalent Of Another Meal?

We chow down on a lot of snack food — a quarter of our calories come from them! Snacks account for more than 25% of Americans’ daily calorie intake; since the 1970s, snacks have accounted for around 580 calories a day — which basically turns them into “a full eating event,” or a fourth meal. […]

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Can You Save Calories Eating A Ham And Cheese Sandwich Instead Of A Salad?

Somehow we’ve embraced the idea that salads are always a light and healthy choice.  Sometimes they are – but all too often they aren’t. Listen to lunchtime orders and you hear salad, salad, salad – and an occasional sandwich. Sometimes the sandwich is the clear winner in terms of calories and fat.  For instance, a […]

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Want To Decrease Your Dinner Calories? Change The Size Of Your Plate

Does the size of your plate make a difference other than for convenience?  You bet it does.Since 1960, the size of the average dinner plate has increased 36%. Today’s dinner plate measures 11 to 12 inches across — a few decades ago they were 7 to 9 inches. A European plate averages 9 inches and […]

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Let A Baseball Be Your Guide For A One Cup Serving Of Food

It’s awfully hard to gauge how much food you’re putting on your plate – and even harder to figure out how much food you’re popping into your mouth when you eat directly from a multi-serving bag of food – like a big bag of chips. Portion size is critical to managing your weight.  One helpful […]

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Traffic Light Food Choices: Red (Once In A While), Yellow (Maybe Yes, Maybe No), And Green (Probably Good)

Here are some tips on recognizing menu descriptions to help you make the best caloric choices (of course, portion size plays a big role, too). Any menu item will have tons of added calories if it is: smothered in sauce covered or layered with cheese loaded with butter, oil, cream, mayonnaise, or dressing “sugared-up” even […]

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Do You Eat A Bread And Butter (or oil) Meal Before Your Meal?

Do you mindlessly chow down on bread and butter or oil before a meal either because you’re hungry or because it’s there for easy nibbling? Butter, Oil, And Bread Can Add A Big Caloric Punch A tablespoon of olive oil has 119 calories, a tablespoon of butter has 102 calories, one pat of butter has […]

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NEAT: A Great Way To Burn Calories Without Intentionally Exercising

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy you expend for everything that isn’t sleeping, eating or doing sports-like exercise. NEAT helps burn calories and comes from activities like walking to work, doing the laundry or yard work, cooking, or pacing while you talk on the phone. Most of us sit too much.  Someone who sits […]

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Who Sets the Pace When You Eat With Others?

You tend to mimic your table companions. They eat fast, you eat fast.  They eat a lot, you eat a lot.  Ever wonder why you look at some families or couples and they’re both either heavy or slender?  As Brian Wansink, PhD says in his book, Mindless Eating, “birds of a feather eat together.” How […]

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