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Do You Eat Chips and Cookies Straight from the Package?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the size of the package your food comes in influences how much you’ll eat. The larger the package, the more you tend to eat from it. And, if you’re eating from the bag while you watch TV or work on the computer, it’s likely that as you mindlessly […]

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Brunch: Is It Lunch Or Breakfast – And Do you End Up Eating Both?

Do you have trouble keeping the calories in check at a brunch or a buffet? It’s pretty darn hard with all of that tempting food staring you in the face. It’s even harder when there’s both tempting food and you’re with lots of friends having a good time — a classic recipe for mindless (over)eating. […]

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Is It Your Head Or Your Stomach That’s Saying “Feed Me”?

“I’ve got to have a donut—the kind with chocolate icing and sprinkles.”  “I really, really want some crispy, salty French fries and a strawberry shake.”  But, are you really hungry or is it your head that’s yapping at you? Your head can be very proficient at ringing the mindless eating bell. It’s often the culprit […]

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Do Football And Food Have Equal Footing On Super Bowl Sunday?

Did you know that the first Super Bowl was in January 1967?  Although not an official holiday, Super Bowl Sunday certainly has assumed the trappings of one — both in the US and in many expat communities.  The Super Bowl broadcast is the most watched annual television program in the US and Super Bowl Sunday […]

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Can You Deal With One Fantastic Holiday Treat A Day?

Peppermint candy and holiday chocolates at the receptionist’s desk.  Candy canes at the dry cleaners.  A rotating selection of Christmas cookies on just about everyone’s desk.  Happy holiday food gifts from grateful clients. Your neighbor’s specialty pie. And that doesn’t include the fantastic spreads at holiday parties and family events! It’s All So Tempting It‘s incredibly […]

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Why Your Mindless Bites Are Making Your Jeans Tighter

Are your pants feeling a bit tight and you can’t figure out why? It’s those mindless bites that will get you.  Each one of those “shove it in your mouth without thinking about it” bites is worth about 25 calories.  Do the math.  If you have four mindless bites a day above and beyond your […]

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These Calories Still Count

It’s way too easy to forget those little clumps of calories that “jump” into your mouth and ultimately register on the scale. These Calories Still Count . . . the candy bar you bought at the gas station and ate in the car the 3 tootsie rolls you snagged from the receptionist’s desk the couple […]

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A Lot Of People At The Dinner Table: You Might Eat 96% More

Planning on eating with seven friends? You might eat 96% more! No joke. We tend to eat more and for a longer period of time when we’re with other people compared to when we eat alone. Why?  Perhaps it’s because we mindlessly nibble while someone else talks. Or maybe it stems from the good manners learned […]

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Thinking About Chowing Down At A Barbecue This Weekend?

Memorial Day Weekend – the “unofficial” start of summer weekends. Hometown parades with floats and kids in baseball uniforms.  Veterans handing out flags.  The lazy, hazy days of summer with lots of soda and popcorn and beer.  Also lots of barbecue and desserts – and lots of seemingly never ending caloric temptation — and bathing […]

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Multi-tasking = Distraction = Mindless Eating

Do You Work Or Watch TV While You’re Eating? Where do you have your breakfast?  In the car or train while you’re going to work?  Maybe while you’re walking down the street juggling that plastic topped paper cup of coffee, a muffin, your books and papers, your open jacket flapping in the breeze. Where do […]

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