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These Calories Still Count

It’s way too easy to forget those little clumps of calories that “jump” into your mouth and ultimately register on the scale. These Calories Still Count . . . the candy bar you bought at the gas station and ate in the car the 3 tootsie rolls you snagged from the receptionist’s desk the couple […]

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What Do Eating And Crossing The Street And Have in Common?

Do You Look Both Ways? Didn’t your parents teach you to look both ways before you cross the street?  The very act of looking and analyzing the situation before you step off the curb means that you are being mindful of your surroundings and aware of potential problems – like a car or bike speeding […]

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When Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Diet?

Do the stars, moon, sun, and all of the planets need to be in alignment for you to start your diet? Diet, not a word I usually use, generally implies deprivation and a way of life that is not easy, comforting, and fun.  So no wonder there are tons of excuses and reasons not to […]

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How Big Are Your Dinner Plates — And Why It Matters

Have you eaten in some restaurants where the plates are so big that the server can’t find room to comfortably fit everything on the table? Maybe your plates are so big that you have trouble getting them into the dishwasher. Does it make a difference other than for convenience?  You bet it does. The Size […]

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