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Were You Told To Eat Your Fruit And Veggies?

Do you remember being told, “Eat your fruit and vegetables?”  I certainly was told that – and I said the same thing to my kids. I’ve been watching members of my own family – who cover almost a century in age range – happily eat their fruit and vegetables.  Over the past few days I’ve […]

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Let A Baseball Be Your Guide

It’s awfully hard to gauge how much food you’re putting on your plate – and even more difficult to figure out how much you’re popping into your mouth when you eat directly from a multi-serving bag of food. Portion size is critical to managing your weight.  One helpful idea is to use commonplace objects as […]

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Don’t Let An “Organic” Label Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

Even though “organic” refers to a method of production rather than nutritional content, an “organic” label can make you believe that food is healthier and tastier. A Cornell University study was designed to test what’s called the “halo effect,” or the theory that people are influenced by how something is described.   The Study The […]

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