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Protein: Have You Ever Wondered How And Why It Fills You Up?

Protein Really Does Help You Feel Full, But Why?  According to the September 2012 Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter,  French researchers published the findings of a study that confirms that dietary protein affects satiety – the feeling of being full and satisfied — something that a lot of people seem to know but that […]

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Granola: Read The Label And Pull Out Your Measuring Cup

Granola – I admit it, I love most kinds.  But, honestly, most granola can be considered a “health halo” food – a food that seems like it should be healthy (but isn’t) because of the way it’s labeled, or because of what it’s called, or because of some of its ingredients. Granola always sounds so […]

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You Probably Should Eat A Healthy Breakfast – Here’s Why . . .

My Mom always made me eat a “good” breakfast – eggs, leftover hamburgers from the night before, some kind of hot cereal made with milk.  My Mom grew up on a working farm – and farmers had the right idea about the need to fuel themselves for the coming day (and to use whatever food […]

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Some Vegetables (some green) Have Protein, Too!

Are you thinking about eating more vegetables and less meat but worry about getting enough protein? Of course you can always get protein from excellent non-meat sources like eggs, fish, nuts and seeds, certain grains, and low or non fat dairy products.  But what about vegetables? Beans and Legumes Many people are aware that beans […]

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Does Clean Eating Mean Making Sure You Wash Your Veggies?

What Is Clean Eating? Clean eating is about wholesome and natural food – food that isn’t full of chemicals, preservatives, additives and isn’t processed and/or refined. Clean eating is healthy eating. All of the whole, natural, unprocessed foods in a clean diet are chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrition that will help […]

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Have You Noticed That Some Well-Known Chefs Are Shrinking?

In girth that is.  The chef’s weight loss is frequently motivated by a health scare – although sometimes just by vanity or wanting to be more mobile and agile in the kitchen — many star chefs have devised their own plans for losing weight. Fortunately, for them, they have knowledge and their skill in the […]

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Love Eggs? Worried About Cholesterol? Some News!

Cholesterol. We all have it in our bodies. It’s used to form cell membranes, some hormones, and for other functions. But, too high a level in your blood can be a major risk factor for coronary heart disease. You get cholesterol in two ways. Your body (mainly your liver) usually makes about 1,000 milligrams a day. You also […]

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How Long Can Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely Stay On The Table — And In The Fridge?

How Do Turkeys Cross The Road? Where I live, I often have to stop my car and wait for the wild turkeys to cross the road.  I’m not kidding.  They start climbing over a stone wall from a wooded area one after another.  Gorgeous, they’re not.   And they don’t cross in a timely fashion, either.  […]

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Protein In The Morning: It’s A Good Thing

I had a weird day yesterday.  Everything was out of sync.  It started with breakfast.  With rare exception, I have nonfat Greek yogurt with fruit and two tablespoons of Grape Nuts every morning. Yesterday was an exception.  I didn’t have a bad breakfast – for a lot of people.  It just wasn’t a good breakfast […]

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Why Not A Non-Fat Caffe Latte?

Valley Of Fatigue When I was a kid there was a commercial on TV for Welch’s Grape Juice.  The gist of the commercial was that when you hit your 3 or 4PM energy drain – or what they called the “valley of fatigue” — a nice glass of Welch’s grape juice would help you climb […]

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