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Sweet! It’s Spring And Maple Sugar Time

Americans tend to like sweet stuff and most of us eat more of it than we should. Although we’re warned to be conscious of the amount of sugar we eat, that doesn’t mean never eat anything sweet.  Of course, some people choose not to, but if you do – eat the good stuff – like […]

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A Healthy Eating Lesson On The Subway

New York city, uptown #2 train, Saturday night.  Not too crowded, most people are wearing their subway stares – avoiding eye contact, eyes glazed over, ipod earbuds in place, bodies rocking with the motion of the train.  My trip isn’t long enough to pull out something to read, so I start to scan the ads […]

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Does The Label On The Front Of The Food Package Tell You The Whole Truth?

I was recently helping a client learn how to interpret nutrition and ingredients labels of food products.  He clearly wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of spending the extra time to read labels. It does take time.  But, you don’t have to do it for everything.  It’s particularly important to get a feeling for products that […]

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