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Chinese takeout food

Ten Tips To Make Your Chinese Takeout A Bit Healthier

Are you planning on ordering some takeout Chinese food?  Are you  careful to order dishes that are filled with vegetables because they probably have fewer calories and less fat ? Think again. Chinese takeout can be a friend – or the devil in disguise.  Commercial Chinese food – or what you usually get for takeout […]

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leftover food

Leftovers: How Long Before You Have To Toss Them?

When you open your refrigerator door, what do you see? A bunch of random takeout boxes? Wait – there’s a couple of storage containers all the way in the back, too. Wonder what’s in them? Open them up. Container #1: the leftover takeout moo shu pork from five days ago. Kind of a nasty odor.  […]

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eat out, resolutions

30 Easy And Doable Eat Out Resolutions To Try — Pick One!

Eating out can be a real challenge to your waistband.  It can be pretty hard to make the best choices on the spur of the moment. There are times to go all out and eat everything – maybe a special meal or celebration.  But for everyday eating, whether it’s at the coffee shop, takeout for […]

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Takeout Food Container

The Chinese Takeout Container Is Really An American Oyster Pail

You can probably find Chinese take-out food in white containers with wire handles in just about any part of the United States and in many other parts of the world. Although those folded white paperboard containers immediately signify the type of food that’s inside, their derivation is, well, American. It’s Really An Oyster Pail The […]

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Is Your Workplace A Food Landmine?

Your workplace can be a major food landmine when you’re trying to eat well. We spend a lot of hours at work — whether that means time at the office, at home, in the car, on an airplane, in a hotel, in a retail store, or anywhere else you conduct your business.  The challenges are […]

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Did You Eat 23 Pounds Of Pizza Last Year?

If you did, you’re not alone — actually you’ve got plenty of company!

Our pizza eating habits are amazing. Whether we buy it fresh or frozen, by the slice or by the pie. We eat it for takeout or grabbed off of round metal trays plopped on formica tables. We eat it everywhere and by the ton.

* According to Domino’s, each person in North America eats 23 pounds of pizza a year
* Americans eat the equivalent of about 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350 slices per second
* Men, women, and children in America eat an average of 46 slices of pizza a year
* 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month
* Almost 70% of Superbowl watchers eat a slice (or two or three) during the game

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