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Do You Really Want To Eat That – Or Is Something Else Making You Do It?

Do you have a complicated relationship with food?  Most of us do.  We need food to survive – but all too frequently we eat more than we need – and what we eat isn’t always nutritionally the best (does this push your chocolate/chips/candy/cookie bell?). This quote from a story on Time.com called The Science of […]

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What Are Your Eating Triggers?

Is it almost a foregone conclusion that you’ll stuff yourself to the gills when you go home to your parents’ house for holidays or other events?  Is it almost impossible for you to navigate your office without stopping at the snack room and the receptionist’s desk to sample the never-ending array of holiday specialties or […]

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Take A Cue From Athletes: Rehearse Your Party Eating Behavior

What happens when you’re invited to a “command performance”  party or event with a long cocktail hour followed by a fancy multi-course sit down meal?  Or maybe you’re going to a gourmet holiday lunch at a friend’s house where there will be lots of hot mulled wine, her special entree, and fantastic cookies accompanying mousse […]

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Five Reasons It’s Important To Have Fiber In Your Diet

You’ve heard it:  Eat some roughage – get some fiber in your diet – fiber will do this, that, and the other thing, too.  Is there any truth to the claims? You bet there is. Dietary fiber, sometimes called roughage or bulk, comes from comes from plants — whole grains, fruit, and vegetables — but […]

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Were You Told To Eat Your Fruit And Veggies?

Do you remember being told, “Eat your fruit and vegetables?”  I certainly was told that – and I said the same thing to my kids. I’ve been watching members of my own family – who cover almost a century in age range – happily eat their fruit and vegetables.  Over the past few days I’ve […]

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Key Words For “Maybe Yes, Maybe No” Menu Choices

Menus, both restaurant and take-out, are filled with descriptive and sometimes mouth-watering words.  They’re meant to: entice you to order certain items by making them sound scrumptious, or to make you think that a food, sauce, or dressing is lower in calories or an awesome health food. Maybe Yes, Maybe No Adjectives This is a […]

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How Juicy, Delicious Watermelon Can Help You Lose Weight

Here’s the reason:  food that has a high water content — like cucumbers, soup (especially broth-based soup), and, you guessed it, watermelon — make you feel full and, they’re usually relatively low calorie foods. How great is it that something as nutritious and calorie friendly as watermelon is such a treat?  Juicy watermelon has certainly […]

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Do You Want To Eat Delicious Food That’s Amazingly Healthy – and Manage Your Weight, Too?

Dietary data from the Mediterranean region show that people who follow a Mediterranean dietary pattern have the lowest recorded rates of chronic diseases and the highest adult life expectancy.

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Can Obesity Spread Through Social Connections?

Take a peek at your family and friends.  Do the bulk of them seem to be overflowing their chairs? A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (N Engl J Med 2007;357:370-9) found that if you’re struggling with your weight, there is a good chance that your friends and family are, too. Using […]

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Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Cotton Candy

It’s summertime.  Baseball season is in full swing and so are visits to amusement parks.  What do you usually do at these places – other than watch the game and ride the roller coaster? EAT, of course! Oh, the food!  Oh the calories! Trust me — this post isn’t about ignoring the good time food.  […]

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